What We Do

Kainos was founded on June 7, 2014 with the mission to end human trafficking and restore victims of sexual exploitation right in the heart of the sex tourism hotspot of Europe. We exist to love the broken and to journey with them to a new life. 

Our aim is to help girls reach this new life emotionally through counseling, professionally through job training, intellectually through specially-designed classes, and socially through healthy relationship models. It is our greatest hope to see each woman turn from their past of guilt and shame, and to walk confidently with Christ as a new creation!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17




The prevention team is actively raising awareness and bringing knowledge to different communities about human trafficking and sexual exploitation that is happening behind closed doors around Stuttgart and other areas of Germany. It is difficult to detect and easy to ignore. Most of the sexually-exploited women do not want to do what they do; they feel trapped by their own economic needs or the needs of their family.

Mobilizing prayer, raising awareness and building networks

Sex trafficking is a global problem and requires a community response. We seek to actively work alongside other groups with like-minded goals and to network with the police in order to spread awareness in communities. This will enable them to help make change a reality.

Stop the injustice before it is allowed to begin

  • Raising awareness in the community, schools, businesses, publications, churches, youth groups, military bases, community services, police, and wherever God directs.
  • Training and seminars in churches, youth groups, and other community groups that inform about sexual exploitation and human trafficking and provide ways they can help.
  • Educating teenagers in schools through seminars about the ‘lover boys’, those who prey on our youth.
  • Advocating for law reform. 
  • Mobilizing prayer groups in churches, businesses, community groups and schools. Prayer brings this huge problem into a new light as we act directed by God's perspective and God's plan.



Kainos has many fully-trained, multicultural teams going out to the brothels to build relationships and trust. With compassion, they meet the eyes of those broken hearts and lives masked with fear to survive the day-by-day.

"We really see them. In a world where they are treated as an object, this is an invaluable message from the Lord."

The intervention team creates relationships with women in brothels and offers these women the opportunity to a new life by:

  • Introducing who we are when going into the brothels and bringing gifts.
  • Developing ongoing friendships with the women through regular monthly visits.
  • Offering support and encouragement through mentorship.
  • Providing assistance through the Aftercare Team.
  • Connecting them to our network of agencies who provide the care and help they need.

Currently, the intervention team reaches approximately 90 women a month showing them that they are worthy.



Our hearts are broken by what we see on a daily basis. The plight of the common prostitute is a life of abuse with long-term consequences. To ruin another human being is not hard, but to reclaim them is difficult and requires much prayer, work, patience, love, and determination. 

Our rehabilitation team is responsible for caring for the women once they are ready to start a new life. They strive to create a network that will provide the women safety, housing, healthcare, counseling, life skills, social integration, and employment opportunities upon exiting their situation. We want to provide that place and opportunity.

New Life Haus & Learning Center

We are praying, planning and preparing to launch a safe home and learning center for the exited women. We have women leaving, but not enough adequate resources. They often cannot return to their home country due to the danger of simply being trafficked again. They are stuck in Germany not speaking the language, unable to earn a living, and with no one to help them deal with the horrendous scars in their souls. There is no place for many of them to go. 

This is why New Life Haus & Learning Center is our primary focus.

The program will provide 12-18 months of rent-free housing including participants’ children when applicable. The home will be a safe place to live and it will give them the freedom to grow and heal. The learning center will include courses about choices, parenting, anger management, job training, German language courses, as well as many others. Furthermore, the main component of the program will focus on recovery through God’s Word. 

We know that restoration and healing is only possible through the work of Christ in us. It is our goal by offering a community of love and grace to walk along-side each woman as she goes through recovery.

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