The prevention team is actively raising awareness and bringing knowledge to different communities about human trafficking and sexual exploitation that is happening behind closed doors around Stuttgart and other areas of Germany. It is difficult to detect and easy to ignore. Most of the sexually-exploited women do not want to do what they do; they feel trapped by their own economic needs or the needs of their family.

Mobilizing prayer, raising awareness, and building networks

Sex trafficking is a global problem and requires a community response. We seek to actively work alongside other groups with like-minded goals and to network with the police in order to spread awareness in communities. This will enable them to help make change a reality.

For more information on what you can do in your own community, please contact us at

Stop the injustice before it is allowed to begin

  • Raising awareness in the community, schools, businesses, publications, churches, youth groups, military bases, community services, police, and wherever God directs.
  • Training and seminars in churches, youth groups, and other community groups that inform about sexual exploitation and human trafficking and provide ways they can help.
  • Educating teenagers in schools through seminars about the ‘lover boys’, those who prey on our youth.
  • Advocating for law reform. 
  • Mobilizing prayer groups in churches, businesses, community groups and schools. Prayer brings this huge problem into a new light as we act directed by God's perspective and God's plan.