Kainos has many fully-trained, multicultural teams going out to the brothels to build relationships and trust. With compassion, they meet the eyes of those broken hearts and lives masked with fear to survive the day-by-day.

"We really see them. In a world where they are treated as an object, this is an invaluable message from the Lord."

The intervention team creates relationships with women in brothels and offers these women the opportunity to a new life by: 

  • Introducing who we are when going into the brothels and bringing gifts. 
  • Developing ongoing friendships with the women through regular monthly visits. 
  • Offering support and encouragement through mentorship. 
  • Providing assistance through the Aftercare Team.
  • Connecting them to our network of agencies who provide the care and help they need. 

Currently, the intervention team reaches approximately 90 women a month showing them that they are worthy.

For more information, contact us at info@kainos-ev.com.