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Welcome Home!

23 December 2016

Have you ever walked into a home where it felt more like a hospital, cold and sterile? There is no love, no joy. The host seems more concerned about their furnishings rather than their guests. Or the opposite, you’ve walked into complete chaos and the host is frazzled, consumed by their own mess ...

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A safe place where healing begins

28 November 2016

It is the middle of the afternoon on a normal weekday in November. The clouds hover above and rain begins to fall. Our team gathers gifts from the back seat, and we pray one last time before going in. Half of our team walks the perimeter covering the visit in prayer. The other half enters the brothel making their way to the top ...

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First Night-Time Outreach

01 November 2016 outreach, stories

There is a world out there hiding in the shadows that we know nothing about, and that I am only now slowly being made aware of. It does not go away, because we choose to look the other way or pretend it isn't there. It does not vanish, because you are totally naive to it. Actually, it grows stronger and stronger every time we deny its existence ...

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