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"Keep Chompin!"

08 February 2020

Kainos had the privilege of meeting with the First Lady of Georgia, Marty Kemp, on the morning of Friday, January 24. The Kemp’s are advocates for anti-human trafficking and helping women who have been sexually exploited, not only in their state of Georgia but in the world.

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I Had Lunch Next to a Pimp

19 November 2019

I decided to stop at a restaurant nearby for a (very) late lunch. I was immediately interested in the conversation happening between a couple was quite distinctly arguing and the man started speaking to the woman about her quotas... It became clear to me within a few moments that the man was this woman’s pimp, and I knew I had to do something.

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First Night-Time Outreach

01 November 2016 outreach, stories

There is a world out there hiding in the shadows that we know nothing about, and that I am only now slowly being made aware of. It does not go away, because we choose to look the other way or pretend it isn't there. It does not vanish, because you are totally naive to it. Actually, it grows stronger and stronger every time we deny its existence ...

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