Welcome Home!

A safe place ... New Life Haus

23 December 2016

A safe place, New Life Haus


Have you ever walked into a home where it felt more like a hospital, cold and sterile? There is no love, no joy. The host seems more concerned about their furnishings rather than their guests. Or the opposite, you’ve walked into complete chaos and the host is frazzled, consumed by their own mess. I’ve walked into a house, small, cement flooring, cardboard walls with a tin roof. The mom was poor to say the least, but she was full of love and joy. She shared her home with us, let us sleep in her bed while she took the couch, cooked every meal and invited us into her daily life. I felt at home, loved and wanted.

Jesus came to this earth to show us how to live: we are to serve, we are to give, we are to build one another up, we are to come along side our brother or sister when they are in need, we are to speak up for those who have no voice, we are to forgive, we are to show mercy and grace. He commands us to make disciples. We want to open a safe home where we can lead by example through communicating respectfully, setting boundaries with reasonable consequences, loving unconditionally, forgiving instead of holding grudges or being revengeful. Jesus calls us out of darkness into light. He gives us His light and we are to reflect Him!

A prostitute lives in the deepest darkness with fear and hate for company. Imagine what it will be like when she arrives at the New Life Haus. A beautiful home where the house Mom greets her at the door with a warm smile on her face, ‘’Welcome home, let me show you to your room!’’

‘’Welcome home, let me show you to your room!’’

The house Mom helps the woman with her bags as they walk up the stairs. The woman stops and stares at the pictures of spring; the flowers are budding, leaves are sprouting, a lamb snuggles up to his mother. They reach the next floor where at the end of the hallway light streams in to illuminate a cross with the words ‘’You are Loved’’ etched into a mirror, and then she sees herself.

The house Mom opens the door to her room. Her eyes quickly scan the perimeter. She is greeted with fresh flowers on her dresser, a twin-sized bed just for sleeping, warm colors to make her smile. Above her very own desk hangs a picture of daylight breaking through a patch of trees to light a path in the forest. It is a new day, a new beginning. She takes a deep breath and for the first time a flicker of hope can be seen in her eyes.

The house Mom asks to show her the rest of the house. She says, ‘’This is our kitchen. This is our living room.” The woman receives her very own room and she is invited to live with the house Mom and the other women in the recovery program. She is no longer alone. She is no longer in competition with the other women she lives with. Rather, she is invited into a community learning how to live life as Christ taught us.

Christ came humbly to the earth to show us how to live. He is our perfect example offering love and forgiveness. Please help us buy a house and offer a safe place where healing can take place and disciples can be made. A home where the women can trade their sorrows for joy, a place where they are surrounded by God’s love and light.