Ani's Story: Touched by God

Witnessing a woman feel God's love for the first time.

07 October 2016

stories, outreach

One of our team members walked up to Ani (not her real name) and said,  "Ani, do you know that God loves you so much?" 

The second those words left our team member's mouth, Ani shuddered and began to stroke her arm pointing to the goosebumps as if an electrical current ran through her body. Tears started to well up in her eyes, chin quivering trying to keep herself composed. She exclaimed, "Oh!" And said no more. 

We stood there in that moving moment trying to hold back our own emotions from what we had just witnessed. This woman, so desperate for the Love of God her Creator, felt God in that very moment. The love overcame her in goose flesh. She felt His truth spill over her whole being. And to be able to witness this, it takes your breath away. I am in absolute awe. It is inexplicable. My words are insufficient. 

As I pray for God to show me what He sees and to open my eyes to what hurts Him, He opens up my heart more and more. Sometimes, what I see is incredibly difficult. But other times, it is majestically beautiful.  

Thank you Jesus for each woman whose heart You touch. We will never know the impact a simple word has on a human soul such as a proclamation of Your love. The harvest is plentiful. I am thankful to be Your worker and to witness the astounding beauty which only You are able to produce in a human heart. 

I am your servant Lord. Use me.