A safe place where healing begins

Giving the gift of a home

28 November 2016

A safe place, New Life Haus


It is the middle of the afternoon on a normal weekday in November. The clouds hover above and rain begins to fall. Our team gathers gifts from the back seat, and we pray one last time before going in. Half of our team walks the perimeter covering the visit in prayer. The other half enters the brothel making their way to the top and descending floor by floor visiting with each available working woman.

It is dark inside with most of the windows covered and only dim red light to guide our way. Thick smoke stings the eye and the despair of evil weighs heavy us. This visit breaks our hearts. The top floor is filled with new girls who do not speak a word of German. On the next floor, we meet one girl who will talk with us. She asks about the weather, and we explain that fall is here. She soaks in our description of the weather. She has not been outside since she arrived… 8 months ago.

This means that she works and ‘’lives’’ in the same room. The bed where she makes her money is the same where she takes her rest. The same chair where she sits and eats (if she eats) is the same place where she sits and waits for customers. Her living space is filled with propaganda for her clients. No pictures of family or treasured moments. It is a sad, dark place where hope is drowned out by the noises coming from her neighbors’ room.

How I would love to offer her a safe place to live where light and love and joy fill the house. A place where you have your own room to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in, a living room to relax in, a backyard to garden in. How I would love to introduce her to a family who will not betray her, but rather they will encourage her, forgive her, and love her.

Did you know that love is a basic human need, for men and for women? Women also need to feel safe in order to thrive. At the moment, many organizations are reaching out to prostitutes and offering short-term solutions. In most cases, a woman is provided housing for up to 6 months, possibly supplied with language courses, and assisted in finding a job. This is good, but what happens when the woman is plagued by night terrors? Who is there to teach her how to cook or to eat dinner with her? Who is there to hold her accountable? Who is there for her?

Who is there to hold her accountable? Who is there for her?

Kainos is determined to open a safe house to cultivate a loving, family environment. Our “Live-In Servant” has committed to live in the house for 5 years. It is her dream to lead by example how to create and maintain a home where peace, love, and forgiveness can be found and where fear can be erased. When fear becomes less and love grows, each woman has a better chance to continue in her recovery program.

Please join the fight against human trafficking. Help Kainos buy a house so that the next time we visit a brothel, we are able to boldly say: 

Today, we have a room for you. Today, we have a program to help you stand on your own two feet. Today, you are free to be new!

Will you give today to the New Life Haus?  Today, you can make a difference in five girls' lives and their children's by Giving the Gift of a Home!  Our goal is $500,000.

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