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Giving the gift of a home

13 December 2016

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​"What I witnessed will forever be etched on my heart​," says one of our outreach team members as she describes seeing God touch the life of a young woman trapped in prostitution.


A room. A resting place. A working space. A place of pain and abuse. A jail cell.

The Bible is a treasure which we hold at the tip of our fingertips. Yet, some Christians seem to be empty of real hunger for its contents. I was privileged to witness this passion for the Word of God in a beautiful woman, a prostitute. 

Esther* has always been cordial with us. She always watched and received our gifts, but never sought us out. This time as we went into the brothel, we unknowingly carried something that would be the greatest treasure in this woman's life: a little booklet of the Gospel of John in Romanian. 

We gave the booklet to her, she opened it, and she began to read. Slowly, we moved away to give her room to ingest what she was reading and to allow the Holy Spirit to move in her heart. We turned a corner and started chatting with another Romanian woman. Soon we heard heels hitting the floor with great eagerness. We turned around and saw Esther with a new kind of life and a fire in her eyes with one hand on her heart and the other holding the book of John in the air. 

In her broken English, she said, "This is for me! This is specially written for me. Oh, this is for me!" 

I was floored, speechless, absolutely moved by her desperate need for the words which filled the pages of the book we just handed her. The words which filled her heart and her whole being. The change in her whole demeanor was so mind-blowing! I witnessed something so amazing and beautiful that I didn't really know how to process this, or what it was that I witnessed. 

The Holy Spirit rose up in her heart doing His work. It was nothing we did. It was all Him! 

She went back into her room holding the booklet near her heart as if those Words were more precious to her than pure gold. More precious than anything she has ever held in her grasp up until that very moment. 

I was in tears because I have never held my Bible in this way. But this woman, a prostitute, held that little booklet with The Truth of God printed on it as if it was the most amazing and most prized possession she has ever owned. 

I will never forget the fire in her eyes and her beautiful genuine smile, which is quite rare to see in the women we visit. I will always and forever treasure this moment. My heart overflows with amazing gratitude to be able to witness something so beautiful and life giving. The filling of God into a human soul. 

*Name has been changed.


The women who are trapped in prostitution become confined to their rooms. It is as though they are imprisoned and without freedom. But, as the story above proves, God has the power to free these women. 

God loves each and everyone one of us, even the woman who is a prostitute. He prepares the hearts to hear His truth. He propels us to go and tell the broken about His unfailing love. We are just His messengers.

With the New Life Haus, we would be a path that God can use to restore the freedom that these women have temporarily lost. You can be a part of this restoration by contributing to a safe place for the women to heal as they regain their freedom and their lives.